Voice Service Battery Backup


Your Easton Velocity voice service requires a constant power source. In the event of a power outage or interruption of power to the modem, phone service, including access to 911, will be unavailable if you do not have battery backup. Battery backup can be achieved through a plug in battery or by purchasing a stand-alone uninterruptable power supply (UPS) through a retail outlet.


To verify if your modem has a plug in battery follow these steps:
(It is also advised that you follow these steps at least once per year to verify status of installed battery.)


  1. From a computer behind your modem type in the address bar of your web browser then press enter.
  2. Click on the CM State tab and scroll to the bottom for Power Supply Telemetry, it should read Telemetry Normal.


If the battery is not present or indicates that it needs to be replaced, 8-hour and 24-hour battery options can be purchased at the Easton Utilities business office during regular business hours.


*8-hour $30
*24-hour $90


Easton Utilities will warrant the battery for a period of 1-year from date of purchase. If battery fails during warranty period, Easton Utilities will replace at no cost.


*Standby time will be shorter for batteries that are more than two years old or if the modem is kept in a hot, cold or dusty environment. For best results, batteries should be stored between 59°F and 77°F.